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The Machine That Ran Off
with Your Ad Budget

We dreaded this day. Some day, we knew deep down, our reliance on technology would be our undoing, whether it be when toasters became self-aware, waging mutiny in our kitchen, or when we’d drop our phone – and payment methods, every contact, and 2 years of family photos – in the lake. Or... Read more

Coffee with AdYapper Ep. 3: Optimizing in Real Time

Success in digital advertising requires rethinking longstanding methods of measurement and refinement of our media, yet many companies haven’t quite caught up. As Raise CIO Christopher Skinner explains, new technology and approaches are helping his company create powerful... Read more

The Real Story: Digital Advertising Ecosystem Needs Fixing

For any business that has grown from seed-funding up, the day your story hits the Wall Street Journal is a major milestone. We celebrated the WSJ coverage of our growth this week as any company would, but we knew we were only part of a story that is much, much bigger than us. It’s a... Read more

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