According to Google and the ANA, more than 60% of digital advertising impressions are either non-viewable or fraudulent and bot-driven.

Imagine what you could do if you got 60% of your digital ad spend back?

Using an advanced viewability analytics platform, AdYapper tags are easily applied to your ads, measuring performance with industry-leading granularity and reach—down to the individual impression!

Exclusively Focused on
Brand ROAS and Revenue

AdYapper works independently of agencies, ad networks, and servers to identify non-viewable and fraudulent impressions in your current ad buy. Then your brand can:

Reinvest wasted ad dollars in your high-performing human impressions.


Apply cost savings to your bottom line, or higher performing programs.

“Our mission is to ensure that every dollar spent on digital advertising returns value.”

-Elliot Hirsch, CEO

Improve Direct Response
and Branding

Campaign performance is driven by many dimensions of Viewable Consumer Behavior– and viewable rate is only the start. AdYapper’s Decision Engine & vLayer proprietary viewable metrics focus on increasing results across your custom KPIs and business goals.

Minimize Fraudulent and
Non-Human Traffic

Fraudulent traffic hurts campaign performance, steals impressions from legitimate consumers, and has no value. AdYapper’s triple-pass filtration exceeds IAB & MRC standards, and helps ensure that your ad impressions are in front of the consumers you care about.

Take Back the

You can’t correctly optimize a digital campaign without knowing where all of your ads are appearing, especially across multiple systems and vendors. AdYapper brings extreme transparency to your media buy, down to pages, placements, users, and exact geo.

“In a channel that continues to focus on impression attribution, the viewability optimizations provided by AdYapper are indispensable.”

– Mike Pace, Online Marketing Manager

“With AdYapper in place, there’s nowhere for underperforming media to hide. Brands and marketers can finally see actual ad campaign performance. That saves them money in the short run, and in the long run it makes everyone hew to a higher standard.”

-Laurel Touby, Founder

“AdYapper has been an essential tool for measuring ROI and attribution across all of our display media campaigns.”

– Paul Rahn, Digital / eCommerce Marketing Manager
Focus on Business Outcomes
Working independently of agencies, buyers, networks, and ad servers, AdYapper delivers an objective analysis of placements, driving optimizations focused on meaningful return on ad spend.
MRC Accredited
AdYapper is an independent, MRC Accredited provider of viewability measurement. Major independent auditing firms inspect AdYapper’s systems to ensure strict MRC standards are met.
Real-Time API
We provide a full, custom API. This has roundtrip times of < 10ms, and can be used for 2-way data transport, server integrations, or more advanced use cases & RTB scenarios.
Full Service
We act as an extension of your team, offering a turnkey solution that requires zero development resources for brands or agency partners.
Conversion Path Analyses
We ensure correct attribution by factoring viewability into advanced conversion analyses, including fractional attribution and site-level tracking.
Implementation is Easy
One single javascript ad tag for your entire organization, with no wrapping of creative. Install once into your server, and it even accepts an unlimited amount of custom parameters.
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