Know The Truth
AdYapper is the industry leader in ad viewability. Learn if your ads are ever seen, and much more.
Find out how major Brands, Agencies, Networks, Trading Desks, & Publishers are using our technology.
We Measure 95% of All Ads
True real-time viewability tracking across all unfriendly cross-domain IFrames, across multiple platforms, browsers, and devices.
Own New Viewability Metrics
Access vCTR™ (viewable CTR), vReach™ (viewable reach), vFrequency™, and other proprietary metrics only available via the most accurate viewability measurement.
Identify Wasted Ad Spend
We give you answers not numbers, to enable in-flight campaign decisions based on your KPIs, across multiple teams, business units, or external relationships.
Situational Awareness & Transparency
Own the data necessary to make informed decisions. Monitor all key ad metrics independently, and track data down to the publisher, page, and user level.
Build On Our Platform
Our APIs and real-time infrastructure enables you to leverage the best viewability data, unlocking opportunities across multiple vendors and internal systems / initiatives.
"With AdYapper in place, there's nowhere for underperforming media to hide. Brands and marketers can finally see actual ad campaign performance. That saves them money in the short run, and in the long run it makes everyone hew to a higher standard."Laurel Touby, Founder of (AgencySpy)
"Monitoring viewability has been a long term industry challenge and AdYapper’s product will redefine the way that advertising dollars are measured against success."Vip Sandhir, Brown Capital