AdYapper delivers the team, technology, and data necessary for brands to quickly reclaim losses due to non-working media, and optimize to the media that best drives results. Our machine learning and data scientists leverage proprietary viewability detection, fraud & bot sensing, and attribution technology to deliver results exclusively for brands.


Return on Ad Spend Optimization

Within 24-hours, AdYapper deploys an accountability & transparency framework across a brand’s digital media operations – including agencies and vendors. Media not returning value to the business is rapidly detected and eliminated. Recaptured budget is reallocated to increase return-on-ad-spend & revenue. This occurs real time, requiring no brand development resources.


Transparency Technology for Brands

Our proprietary data forensics platform was built to create market advantages exclusively for brands, not networks or publishers. AdYapper tags are easily applied to your campaigns, measuring digital media performance with industry-leading granularity and reach. You get access to full-pipe, actionable data in real time, and the support of a team of highly trained specialists to optimize performance.

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“In a channel that continues to focus on impression attribution, the viewability optimizations provided by AdYapper are indispensable.”

– Mike Pace, Online Marketing Manager

“With AdYapper in place, there’s nowhere for underperforming media to hide. Brands and marketers can finally see actual ad campaign performance. That saves them money in the short run, and in the long run it makes everyone hew to a higher standard.”

-Laurel Touby, Founder

“AdYapper has been an essential tool for measuring ROI and attribution across all of our display media campaigns.”

– Paul Rahn, Digital / eCommerce Marketing Manager
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