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AdYapper is an MRC accredited ad viewability specialist focused on working with marketers and agencies to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their digital advertising.  AdYapper’s proprietary technology is able to detect where digital ads are appearing, if they are being seen by consumers and for how long.  By arming marketers with these insights along with actionable recommendations AdYapper unlocks major gains in campaign performance and increases budgets for digital advertising.

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Executive Team

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Elliot E. Hirsch, Founder & CEO

Elliot E. Hirsch, Founder & CEO at AdYapper is an entrepreneur and Senior User Experience Designer combining human-centered design, business and strategic skills with hands-on concept development and content creation. With more than 10 years of experience in product development, the Co-Founder & former CEO of relishes in leading creative teams and directing multiple project details for the conceptualization and delivery of a customer-focused, intuitive user experience. Named as one of Betabeat’s Rising Tech Gods of 2014, Hirsch hopes to further communicate his vision to new clients at AdYapper.

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Wojo Wietecha, Co-Founder & CTO

Wojo Wietecha, Co-Founder and CTO at AdYapper, is an expert .Net architect, team leader & entrepreneur with vast experience building businesses, teams & large scalable systems. Founded & raised angel money for one of the largest social networks in Poland, with over 400,000 registered users. Founded ad/reward network Director of Technology at PeopleFilter (start-up) building system from scratch to product supporting key clients such as US Cellular, Citibank, etc.

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Kal Patel, Co-Founder
EVP Product Management & Client Success

Kal Patel, Co-Founder and EVP of Ad Products at AdYapper, is an entrepreneur & interactive marketing expert with more than 15 years of experience. As a results oriented leader, Patel co-founded – taking it to over $1M in annual revenues and $8M in venture funding, and was VP of Media Products & Sales at Prior to that, his position as Director of Rewards Marketing at Discover Card, and DVP of Email and SMS Marketing for Sears Holding (Sears/Kmart) exemplifies his track record of creating products and partnerships that result in new profitable revenue streams. Kal is a seasoned leader who brings expertise in driving customer engagement for top brands in the digital space. His expert and extensive background in managing loyalty and rewards programs has resulted in increased engagement and retention, and he continues to drive successful campaigns for AdYapper.

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Derek Huyser, Head of Business Development

Derek Huyser, Head of Business Development at AdYapper is an entrepreneur & executive with over 15+ years of exp. Near-founding partner at Apogee Strategies, Principal at Conference & Publication Services, LLC, Executive Director of Business Development at Gravitas. Derek has driven revenue across companies and established growth in multiple industries by creating enterprise value through sales, partnerships and exceptional service delivery.

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MBuy works closely with companies like AdYapper to provide measurement technologies that enable deeper insights into impression quality across sites. By leveraging these technologies to focus on sites with high impression quality, MBuy achieves significant performance boosts in campaigns.

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Founded only 18 months ago, AdYapper is both a TechStars and 1871 alum and is now located at Lightbank, AdYapper specializes in producing data and analytics for marketing purposes. Their innovative Real-time Ad Viewability feature enables you to identify and eliminate ads you pay for, but are never seen. AdYapper’s ad technology has enabled marketers to increase customer engagement by as much as 450 percent for the same spend.

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AdYapper, a startup allows marketers to see how often their online ads are viewed, has raised $1 million in new funding from angel investors, including movie producer Jack Giarraputo. The company says it will use the new funding to expand into new markets and explore emerging media.

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