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AdYapper is an MRC accredited ad viewability specialist working with marketers to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their digital advertising.  AdYapper’s proprietary technology is able to detect where digital ads are appearing, if they are being seen by consumers and for how long.  By arming advertisers with these insights along with actionable recommendations, AdYapper unlocks major gains in campaign performance and increases the effectiveness of digital advertising in achieving the brand’s business objectives.

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Advertisers need to be inventive to adhere to health marketing regulations, particularly since 2011, when the IAB banned health marketers from using cookies to target patients… [so] Pages are scored on a number of criteria, but most important are contextual relevancy, viewability, and historical ad performance…. PageScience partners with AdYapper, a company that offers below-the-fold reporting on impressions.

Let’s Talk Tech: Elliot Hirsch is the CEO and Founder of AdYapper, MRC accredited ad viewability technology that businesses use to quantify and increase the effectiveness of their digital advertising. We spoke with him about how he pitched his idea to maximize funding for his startup, and he provided us with some useful information for entrepreneurs.

MBuy works closely with companies like AdYapper to provide measurement technologies that enable deeper insights into impression quality across sites. By leveraging these technologies to focus on sites with high impression quality, MBuy achieves significant performance boosts in campaigns.

Founded only 18 months ago, AdYapper is both a TechStars and 1871 alum and is now located at Lightbank, AdYapper specializes in producing data and analytics for marketing purposes. Their innovative Real-time Ad Viewability feature enables you to identify and eliminate ads you pay for, but are never seen. AdYapper’s ad technology has enabled marketers to increase customer engagement by as much as 450 percent for the same spend.

AdYapper, a startup allows marketers to see how often their online ads are viewed, has raised $1 million in new funding from angel investors, including movie producer Jack Giarraputo. The company says it will use the new funding to expand into new markets and explore emerging media.

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