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About Us

AdYapper tracks display and mobile ads, generating detailed verification data, consumer sentiment, and viewability monitoring on 95% of all ad impressions. We generate real-time analytics across the entire ad buying ecosystem and centralize the data into one platform to identify wasted ad spend and provide direction on how best to reallocate the recovered ad spend to make in-flight campaign decisions. In short, AdYapper makes advertising performance data actionable so advertisers can optimize, and increase the efficacy of, their ad buys.


Elliot E. Hirsch
Founder & CEO
Wojo Wietecha
Co-Founder & CTO
Kal Patel
Co-Founder & EVP, Ad Products
Justin Osterman
Director, Media Solutions
Marc Billings
Senior Software Engineer
Kate Monks
Solutions Manager, Media Products
Jule Mammoser
Account Manager
Stacy Kelsey
Marketing Coordinator

Advisors & Mentors

Matt Maloney
Co-Founder & CEO, GrubHub Seamless
Paul Greenberg
Former CEO, CollegeHumor Media
Greg Mason
Tim Hanlon
Founder and CEO, The Vertere Group
David Naffziger
Chris Hogan
Founder, SouthSide Strategy


Investors include KGC Capital, David Cohen of TechStars, Laurel Touby, Paul Sethi, Sameer Jagetia, Ari Newman, Vip Sandhir of Brown Capital and Dave Lerner of Rugged Ventures.